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Welcome to Wizzy’s Emo Restaurant Kpando

Wisdom Adinkrah and his team at Kpando managed to create one of the most exciting restaurants in Volta Region Ghana. They operate under the flag of Emo Foundation NGO and the profit of the restaurant is used to pay scholarships for local students.

Chef Wizzy managed to offer a menu that serves both the locals in Kpando and visitors from Europe or other parts of the world. We take great pride in bringing your favorite dishes with the limited ingredients available in Kpando.

Discover Our Menu

The menu is a mix of different cuisines, and the menu changes with the seasons.
Be sure to ask about Wizzy’s specials!

Our Menu Offers

The locals in Kpando like

Pizza, Shawarma, Potato Chips, Jollof Rice, Mixed Salad, Spaghetti and Noodles

For our European friends

Red Red, Groundnut Soup, Grilled Tilapia, Club Sandwiches and our Vegetarian dishes

Enjoy our

Pancakes, smoothies and breakfasts

Order your food

We like to offer you fresh food and our main dishes are available most of the time, but to make things easy you can order on time especially for the Specials on our menu or for groups.

You can enjoy your food at our serene and beautiful restaurant, but we also offer take away or delivery.

Call us: 054 393 62 56 / 054 061 65 31

Mail us:

Wizzy’s Kitchen

Open Hours

Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm


Kpando Angola
Former Eyadema’s Wife House


054 393 62 56 / 054 061 65 31