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About us

The restaurant operates under the flag of Emo Foundation NGO. Our main objective is to help the younger generation in Kpando to create their own future. Employment and scholarships are our main tools to achieve our objective. Find out more at our website.

Our Chef cook Wisdom finished his secundary education at Kpando Technical Institute in June 2018. The previous years he has been cooking for many European volunteers, tourists and visitors of Emo Foundation NGO.

Wizzy has specialized himself in continental dishes, but with a Ghanaian touch. He did cooking courses in Accra and Banko where he acquired new cooking skills and discovered new flavors and combinations. He uses both local and European ingredients and recipes.

The local people in Kpando appreciate his range of pizza’s as we were the first to offer pizza and continue to maintain our high quality standards.

Don’t hesitate and contact Wisdom to prepare you some delicious food for you while you are in Kpando. Let him surprise you. If you want to celebrate a birthday or any other special occasion with some special foods there is only one address in Kpando: Wizzy’s.

Oh yeah and we didn’t mention that we also operate the Emo Guesthouse just beside the restaurant. So you can also spend the night with us.


Tel. 054 393 62 56 / 054 061 65 31

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